Ask CVG Anything: Does innovation ruin franchises?

Plus: Online achievements, Nintendo negativity on forums

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If Sony decide to charge for online play with the PS4 do you think they'll abolish their online passes? Personally I think its only right that they do if you're paying for access in the first place. - dwhlufc
Tamoor - Nope. Third-party publishers wouldn't get any benefit.
Chris - What Tamoor said. Online passes aren't really anything to do with Sony or Microsoft getting money, it's for publishers to get extra money off second-hand sales. Look at the 360, after all - Microsoft charges for Gold Xbox Live access and yet there are still online passes. Publishers won't let them abolish the idea, because it's publishers that are setting it up.

When you publish a slightly negative story about Nintendo on this site - do you think "well, I know exactly what's gonna happen in the comments section"? - richomack360

Rob - Yeah. The trick is acceptance. We can't change the fact that there are some vehement Nintendo supporters, who love the company to the point that they are upset when we publish unfortunate news.

More than a decade ago, when I found out that 1080 Snowboarding was the UK number one, I remember I literally jumped for joy. I was that hardcore a Nintendo fan. So I totally, completely understand the enthusiasm.

What I accept is that, some of these people would rather shoot the messenger when we publish bad news and that's fair enough. If they want to think we're deliberately trying to sting Nintendo, then there's not much I can do about that.

The best thing I can do is just keep reporting on what's actually happening, and treat our readers with the utmost respect by telling them straight. The truth is Nintendo is having a miserable time right now with the Wii U. It might be easy to forget that, when the original Wii was a sales phenomenon, we covered that too.

I always read feedback about our articles, because I feel it's important to understand what everyone wants and how everyone feels about this or that. But when I see a comment about our so-called anti-Nintendo bias or some kind of failure to do my job adequately, I just remember that these people don't actually care about journalism that much and would do anything to protect the company they love. So, fair enough. l can't help them even if I tried to.

Chris - It's funny that some reckon CVG is anti-Nintendo when the editor used to run a Nintendo website waaaay back in the day and the new Games Editor (me) worked on Nintendo-only publications for seven years and has been playing Nintendo games since he was three. Still, in the short time I've been here I've seen us accused of being anti-Sony and anti-Microsoft too so I suppose that says it all.

I think any slightly negative stories we post, regardless of the company involved, is always going to get both criticism and support from various commenters, it's just the way the internet works. It just happens to be the case that Nintendo's struggling more than usual at the moment and so it's exaggerated slightly with stories involving them. Look at negative stories about the Vita, SimCity and Colonial Marines and you'll see it happens across the board.

Tamoor - Negative comments are always expected, whether that's on negative stories about Nintendo or pretty much anything else. Chris has already said but, there's a lot of people that adore Nintendo working on this site. The majority of my fondest gaming memories are Nintendo related. Nothing but love for Nintendo here, but that won't stop us from reporting bad news when it happens.

What's the first game that the CVG writers remember playing? And what was the first that you thought was amazing? - toaplan
Tamoor - I'm not sure, Super Mario Bros. I think. That covers both parts of the question.
Chris - The answer to both is when I first played Super Mario Bros. when I was three. The first non-Mario game which truly blew my mind was, oddly, Psycho Fox on the Master System. To be fair though, I was six at the time.
Rob - Alex Kidd in Miracle World. What a game. I still play it every now and then. It is the hardest, most rock solid platformer I've ever played.
Chris - We need to livestream that sucker and try to finish it.

Do you think that graphics and gameplay are more important than having fun with a video game? For example despite all the bashing that Aliens Colonial Marines got, I still had fun with the game. - illage2
Chris - This question confuses me slightly because to me 'having fun' and gameplay are one and the same. Either way, I don't think graphics are the be-all and end-all, and I'm perfectly happy playing a game that looks ugly as sin if I'm enjoying myself in the process. I loathe the art style in Runner 2, for example, but I'm still slightly obsessed with it at the moment.
Tamoor - Gameplay will always trump graphics. I have played plenty of games that look like shite but I enjoyed the gameplay. Of course, these days it's much harder to excuse shoddy looking games, we're at a point with technology where you'd have to try VERY hard to make a rubbish looking game.

There aren't enough games based on Bullseye and I feel that I've not kept out of the black, and in the red, there's nothing in this game for two in a bed. Wouldn't you agree? - FishyGinger
Tamoor - Lolwut
Rob - Hahahahahahaha. I love you.
Chris - You're clearly forgetting the Bullseye game on the Amiga, complete with numerous types of dart-based mini-games. Despite its irritating Bully sound effect, it was one of the better darts games around if I recall. Anyway, you're picking the wrong gameshow, everyone knows we need PS4 versions of Strike It Lucky, Catchphrase and Big Break. I want the latter to be so detailed that I can count the bristles on John Virgo's northern beard.

In these days of trophies and achievements do you think if the servers are turned off for a game the online trophies of a game should be deleted so that us completionists can get a 100% complete? - Bambis Dad

Rob - Makes sense. Yeah.
Tamoor - That's a great idea. But I don't really care either way since I'm not a trophy/achievement hunter.
Chris - Well, I am indeed a self-confessed achievement whore, so I would love that. Don't count on it though. Those online achievements are purely there to get more people playing online, so if the servers are turned off for a game I have no doubt the publisher's response will be: "Well, you should have played it online more, then." I'm afraid the options are either to go for the online achievements early in a game's life, or put up with the fact that you'll never be able to get that Platinum. I hate all online achievements anyway, because I'm very much a solo gamer and don't like playing online at the best of times (FIFA excepted).

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