Vlambeer 'loved working with Sony' - Luftrausers coming to Vita and PS3

Cult dogfighting game due for release in Spring

Netherlands based indie studio Vlambeer is extending its partnership with Sony by working on a PS3 and PS Vita edition of its cult dog fighting game Luftrausers.


The studio, which recently published its Ridiculous Fishing game for iOS, has previously ported its acclaimed Super Crate Box title to PS Vita.

"We'll be honest with you, the reason this game is going to hit PS3 and PS Vita is because we loved working with Sony when we made Super Crate Box," said studio co-founder Rami Ismail.

"We think both platforms are great and we obviously want you to be able to play our games - but we don't like dealing with people that treat us as some sort of commercial asset only," he added.

"We want to work with people that love games as much as we love working on them."

Luftrausers will also be released on PC, Linux and Mac some time in spring.