Sony announces 'strategic partnership' with Unity Technologies

Unity tools to be optimised for PS3, PS4 and Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment and Unity Technologies have entered into a "strategic partnership", which will result in PlayStation optimised Unity development tools.


SCE has confirmed it will offer Unity for PlayStation, which will be optimised for use across Sony platforms including PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PS Mobile. The tool will also be used to "create games for future cloud services".

According to SCE's release, Unity for PlayStation will allow developers to port versions of Unity games to Sony devices without "rewriting the code from scratch". The tools will also be optimised for Vita control features including the rear touchpad.

While games built using Unity have appeared on Sony consoles - including the Vita title Escape Plan - the new toolset will allow developers to bring their Unity titles over to Sony platforms with ease. This could lead to more studios using Unity - a predominantly PC-focused toolset - adapting their games to Sony devices.

According to Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason, the move coincides with Sony's efforts to embrace independent studios. "Sony Computer Entertainment is really committed to making their platforms approachable to all kinds of developers, so this partnership is going to make a lot of sense for both companies... and a lot of sense for the Unity community.

"They're really focused on bringing the most creative studios, with an emphasis on independent developers, on board their platforms and we are leading the charge to make development awesome for studios of all sizes," Helgason said in a statement.

According to SCE senior vice president Teiji Yutaka, Unity for PlayStation means "PlayStation gamers can look forward to playing a broad array of new creative games from Unity's global community of developers, which includes some of the best independent talent in the industry."

Games currently in development using Unity tools include Wasteland 2 and Robert Bowling's Breach and Clear.