Beyond: Two Souls studio already working on PS4 game

Quantic Dream CEO confirms next-gen project

Quantic Dream, the studio responsible for Heavy Rain and the forthcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls, is working on a PS4 title.


That's according to the studio's CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière, who also admitted in an interview that developing for PS4 is much easier than its predecessor.

"For us, a new console is another reason to try and innovate," Fondaumière told Eurogamer. "What is certain is that whatever we're working on on PS4 is not going to resemble what we're doing on PS3... We're going to try and reinvent ourselves.

"We'll be able to express ourselves in a more straightforward way. So it's perfect, it's excellent."

The first hands-on preview for Beyond: Two Souls went live earlier today. The game stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, and will release exclusively for PS3 in October.