Star Wars: The Old Republic gained 2 million players since going free-to-play

Producer upbeat about the MMO following F2P shift

Over two million people have signed up to Star Wars: The Old Republic since the game went free-to-play.


That's according to the game's executive producer, Jeff Hickman, who says "player feedback, in general, has been very positive about the new things in the game".

The Old Republic switched from a subscription-only MMO to a free-to-play model in November 2012, allowing players to play through the stories of all eight classes in the game and develop characters to level 50 without paying a subscription fee.

"Last spring, there was some uncertainty surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic as we were starting to lose subscribers and players were growing frustrated," said Hickman in a statement today. "In fairness, many of the complaints and worries were justified. In an effort to try to address everything, we just weren't sufficiently focused on improving the core experience," he added, before noting improvements to several key areas of the game since then.

Hickman went on to confirm that "several new features" are in the works for the game, including an update this summer that will add "a new customization feature, which will allow you to change your character's hair style, eye color, body type, or even species (including the upcoming Cathar!) using Cartel Coins".

Also, set for release in spring 2013, the new 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel' DLC expansion will introduce new story content, a fresh planet called Makeb, and raise the level cap to 55.