Arma 3 gameplay video offers infantry combat tactics

Expert tips on survival in the virtual battlefield

Here's a new video from Bohemia Interactive sandbox military sim, Arma 3.


This video offers expert advice on infantry combat tactics, including how to assess an environment, how to move around while limiting risk, engaging an enemy and more.

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Arma 3 was one of 12 games available for the launch of Valve's new Steam Early Access service, which lets you download and play games that are still in development.

The 'Arma 3 Alpha' is available via Steam Early Access now for $32.99, offering gamers the chance to "be one of the first to play Arma 3 and contribute to its development by providing feedback." Buying into the Alpha will also get you access to the Arma 3 Beta as soon as it becomes available and a Steam version of the complete game upon release.

Arma 3 will was delayed to a vague 2013 release and will go live exclusively via Valve's digital delivery platform, Steam.