Beyond hailed as 'largest performance capture project ever'

David Cage details new technology underpinning upcoming game

Quantic Dream has called its next PS3 exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls "the largest performance capture project in history."


Speaking at a press event in Paris attended by CVG, designer David Cage revealed the studio has spent "about 12 months" shooting for the game, including capturing the performances of headline actors Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page.

In contrast, the principal photography for the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy took about fourteen months.

"I haven't paid some Hollywood actor to just stand in a booth and do voice-over work," Cage told the assembled press.

He went on to reveal that his studio has created more than 23,000 animations for the title, and about forty different versions of protagonist Jodie spanning the age of eight to 23.

The writer and designer also offered details on Quantic Dream's new performance capture technology, which now records audio, facial expressions and body movement all at once, in an attempt to deliver the most accurate in-game recreation.

"We do not just have their voice, their face, their animations," said Cage, "we have their performance".

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Sony has confirmed a Beyond release date of October 8, 2013 in North America and October in Europe.