XCOM dev Firaxis unveils Haunted Hollow for iOS

Free-to-play strategy game pits ghouls against ghouls

XCOM: Enemy Unknown creator Firaxis has announced iOS strategy game Haunted Hollow, which is set for release this spring.


The turn-based strategy game is said to be a departure from the studio's previous work, swapping the historic figures of its Civilization series for cartoon vampies and other spooky creatures.

According to Polygon, Haunted Hollow has players take charge of a haunted house with the aim of expanding their mansion in order to dominate the local town.

At the same time a rival haunted house - controlled by an NPC in single-player or a another player in multiplayer - tries to accomplish the same goal.

Players can use turns to build new rooms in their mansion, allowing them to spawn new kinds of creatures, or send critters into town and order them to perform "scares" in order to capture civilian houses.


Creatures can also be ordered to perform attacks on rival ghosts and monsters, stopping the opposing playing.

In addition, angry mobs of town folk will emerge to burn down haunted houses and attack players' spooky creations.

Haunted Hollow is set to release as a free-to-play title with the option to spend money to unlock new monsters.