Blizzard to showcase Diablo III console port improvements at PAX East

Hands-on with a 'reimagined interface and inventory system'

Blizzard has confirmed it will showcase the PS3 port of Diablo III at PAX East later this week.


The PS3 port, which will also release on PS4, will feature several tweaks and improvements when it makes the leap to consoles. According to Blizzard in an official post, these changes will be showcased at PAX.

"Our action-packed single-player hands-on demo will showcase several key elements that make Diablo III on the PS3 so much fun, including a reimagined interface and invetory system, direct character control, updated camera, and bosses and monsters specifically tuned for console.

"Players will also get to experience gameplay from Act II of the campaign where they'll get to test their mettle as either the cunning Demon Hunter or mighty Barbarian."

PAX East takes place March 22-24 in Boston. The PS3 and PS4 versions follow a successful PC launch in 2012, which went on to sell over 12 million copies.