Dev discusses next Tomb Raider: 'As Lara grows, so must her challenges'

Crystal Dynamics 'excited to take Lara on new adventures'

Key members of Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider team have taken to Reddit to offer hints at the series' future direction.


Creative director, Noah Hughes and global brand director, Karl Stewart told fans the developer is "excited to take [Lara] on new adventures" following the success of the reboot, which reportedly amassed over one million players in just two days on sale.

"The goal of this vision was to introduce you to a story of how Lara becomes an adventurer and a true Croft," brand man Stewart explained. "Future games will be defined by who Lara has become as a result of who she is at the end of this experience."

Hughes added: "Now that Lara is more experienced, we are excited to take her on new adventures that challenge her new strength and confidence. It is important that even as Lara grows as a character, so do the challenges she must face."

The creative director went on to suggest that the next game in the series will likely retain the new Tomb Raider's non-linear world design.

"In terms of the non-linear spaces, we were really happy with this aspect of the design and how it catered to player-driven exploration. This is something we are excited to continue and evolve," he said.

"In terms of where we go next, we cannot answer too directly, but now that Lara has survived the Island she can follow the clues that she found on the Island."

The Crytstal Dynamics pair also confirmed the developer currently has no plans for any single-player expansions. It said: "All of our DLC is based around the Multiplayer experience for now."

Yesterday Square Enix released the first batch of Tomb Raider DLC, featuring three new multiplayer arenas. The Caves & Cliffs map pack is a timed Xbox 360 exclusive.