Activision to share Fast & Furious details 'in the coming weeks'

Firm confirms work on a movie tie-in

Activision has told us it'll offer the first official details about its upcoming Fast & Furious game shortly.


Last week, retailer EB Games was listing Fast & Furious: Showdown as being published by Activision this May, although the product has since been removed from its website. And the game was also recently rated by the Australian classification board, which says it's being developed by Firebrand.

Asked if there's anything official on the game the company can share, an Activision representative told us: "We will have more details and information in the coming weeks."

Activision previously worked with Firebrand on NASCAR Unleashed. The studio has also contributed to the Grid and Need for Speed series.

EB Games said of Fast & Furious: Showdown: "Heists, hijacks and shootouts combine in a storyline that ties events from Fast 5 and earlier movies to the upcoming Fast 6 movie."