Final Fantasy X HD to include FF X-2 HD on PS3

But the sequel will reportedly be sold separately on Vita

The PS3 version of Final Fantasy X will be bundled with its sequel Final Fantasy X-2 when it launches later this year.


That's according to scans of Japanese magazine Jump (via Nova Crystallis), which say the two games will be included on a single Blu-ray disc.

The Vita versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2 will reportedly be sold separately.

Both games are said to feature the expanded international version content.

Last year, producer Shinji Hashimoto said the Final Fantasy X re-release is a "high-definition remaster" and not a fully remade version of the PS2 classic.

Little has been seen of the project since it was announced last year, but in February Square Enix released a video update showing off some HD character models.