CVG LivePlay: Rewatch us play Dark Souls

Episode 3: Bus' a Capra

I finally had it! That little moment of triumph that makes you fall head over heels for Dark Souls.


A couple of weeks ago I spent close to an hour getting repeatedly stomped on by the Taurus demon. But last week I took it down, and it felt incredible.

After laying waste to the Taurus, I went on to make short work of the Fang Boar, chopped down a Black Knight, took out the Bell Gargoyles and rang the first of the two Bells of Awakening.

Now, I'm ready to go again. At the moment I'm riding high, but I expect it won't last long. Apparently victories are always short-lived in Dark Souls.

So, from 6pm GMT / 1pm ET today join CVG's Tamoor Hussain (me!) for some live Dark Souls play.

As always, I'll have chat running on a PC nearby and I'll be consulting it for advice on how to handle enemies, tips on how to approach areas and insight into how to develop my character. Expert adventurers are encouraged to jump into the chat and bestow their Dark Souls knowledge on me. Feel free to spread the word and invite any fellow Dark Souls-loving friends, the more help I can get, the better.

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See you at six!

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