The Last of Us campaign is '12-16 hours long'

Naughty Dog also only developing multiplayer DLC

The campaign component of The Last of Us is around 12-16 hours in length, according to Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer.


He told EvolveEnt in a video interview: "We're definitely looking at more than 12 hours; maybe 12 to 16 right now is what we're looking at.

"It really depends on how you play," Meyer added. "You can play a bit slower if you try to approach situations stealthily. If you really want to explore the environment and scavenge, that's going to add more time too."

Meyer also touched on the subject of The Last of Us DLC, which he said "is only going to be multiplayer focused. We're not looking at single player DLC."

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Last December, Meyer addressed concerns that the inclusion of multiplayer in The Last of Us may be to the detriment of the single-player component's development, noting:

"We don't approach MP in any of our games as tacked on. And we also always have separate teams working on the different components so that we can maintain full focus on making SP and MP up to our standards."

Last month, publisher Sony confirmed a delayed The Last of Us release date of June 14.

A playable The Last of Us demo included with God of War: Ascension will go live on May 31.