Comments of Week: 'Has no-one ever watched Jeremy Kyle?'

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


"Nothing is forbidden..." - sevvybgoode

Evidently, using video game representations of real cities on TV is.

"This guy watched that PS4 meeting on the lav, and after, still glued to the seat of that bowel thrown, he exerted and sung with joyous breath "I'm horny, I'm horny horny horny." - RandyTandy

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why they call him 'Randy' Tandy.

"I think he means more mature. But in reality it means lots of boobies, and a little bit of cock." - Bright-Light

I've heard that was the working title for the first Game of Thrones book was 'A song of lots of boobies and a little bit of cock'.

"R.I.P *insert whichever one you want shut of*" - TheLastDodo

*Slow clap*

...and there was me thinking a two-bob facebook page claiming to give me the new console ahead of launch in exchange for all my bank details and inner leg measurement would be true. I really do not know how people fall for these scams. It's just beyond moronic. - richomack360

You'd be surprised by what people can do with your inner leg measurements.

"News flash: some people are *actually* this stupid. Has no-one ever watched Jeremy Kyle?" - Jingee

Double kill! You got Jeremy Kyle and the people on his show there.