Wii U troubles continue in US, despite 40% sales increase

Console performance lower than worst ever period for original Wii

The Wii U's stuttering start to 2013 continued in the US over February, with average weekly sales of the console still significantly worse than any equivalent performance on record for PS3 and Xbox 360.


Though no specific figures were released, retail monitor NPD Group revealed that in February weekly average sales of the Nintendo console increased around 40 percent compared to January, which would put it in the region of 64,000 for the month.

Gamasutra estimated that Nintendo sold between 45,000 and 59,000 Wii U units in US during January, representing a weaker performance than the worst ever pre-successor months for Xbox 360, PS3 and even the original Xbox and Wii.

NPD confirmed that US Wii U sales for the console's first three months were down 38 per cent from the original Wii's numbers at the same point in its lifecycle.

In January Nintendo lowered its annual Wii U sales forecast from 5.5 million units to four million following weaker than expected demand for the console. However, Iwata moved quickly to rule out the possibility of a Wii U price cut.

In the past few weeks, multiple UK retailers have taken it on themselves to slash the Wii U price in a bid to stimulate sales.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata flatly ruled out the possibility of introducing an official Wii U price cut in January.