God of War studio denies Last Guardian involvement

'Nothing beyond normal pooling of information,' says studio rep

Sony's Santa Monica Studio has said it is not assisting Team ICO with the development of The Last Guardian, as widely reported last year.


Speaking to Eurogamer Tim Moss, director of technology at Santa Monica Studio, clarified the studio's involvement, claiming it is not directly contributing to development.

"I'm never really sure how that got in the press, because as far as I'm aware we're not helping out with The Last Guardian," he said. "The only way you can say that is the knowledge that we contribute back to the central tech groups benefits The Last Guardian. So I'm guessing someone was slightly misquoted."

The original story stems from statements made by Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios, who said Santa Monica Studio as well as tech groups and engineers in the US and UK were aiding development.

Continuing, Moss said Sony's various teams intermittently exchange information, but rarely collaborate.

"The different Sony first-party teams do not necessarily actively work together, but we do communicate with each other," he explained.

"We tend to visit each other several times a year, and doing so we may exchange ideas. They've been here, and we've been there. We do ask each other how are you doing that, and just sometimes go over to provide feedback."

The Last Guardian has been conspicuously absent from Sony's current-gen and next-gen discussions. Although first billed as a PlayStation 3 title, Sony's apprehensiveness to commit to a 2013 release has led to speculation that it will be an early PS4 release.

The title did not make an appearance at Sony's PS4 reveal event, as many predicted it would. Following the event, Shuhei Yoshida said the company is "waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian."