Pokemon Rumble U NFC figures revealed

Nintendo trailer shows six mini-figures compatible with upcoming game

Nintendo has released a trailer for Pokémon Rumble U which shows off six of the seven NFC figures that players will be able to use with the upcoming eShop game.


Each small figure has an NFC base which can be placed on the NFC reader at the bottom-left of the Wii U GamePad, which reads its stats and abilities and places that character in the game.

According to CoroCoro magazine (translated by Serebii), each figure will cost 200 yen (around £1.40) and will be purchasable via capsule machines, meaning each buy is a random one. There will also be a special seventh figure which is rarer than the rest.

The six confirmed Pokémon available will be Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Piplup, Torchic, Lucario and Victini. The rare seventh figure has yet to be revealed. The Pokémon Company refers to this as the "first set" of figures, though it isn't yet confirmed whether this means there will be further sets.

The game itself will cost 1800 yen (around £12.60) and doesn't require the figures to play - all 649 Pokémon can still be found and captured without buying the figures. The difference is that Pokémon spawned by placing figures can be upgraded with in-game coins, making them more powerful than those caught in the game.

Nintendo will also be selling a carrying case for all seven figures which costs 780 yen (around £5).

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