God of War: Ascension patch to reduce 'Trial of Archimedes' difficulty

Game director Todd Papy responds to pleas from struggling players

Sony Santa Monica is working on a patch for God of War: Ascension that will reduce the difficulty of the 'Trial of Archimedes' level.


Trial of Archimedes is a section in the latter stages of the single-player campaign that has players fighting off large waves of enemies in a relatively confined space with no checkpoints between waves.

"It will be patched very soon," said game director Tood Papy in response to Twitter complaints. "I personally tuned it. I didn't mean for it to be so hard. We are looking into patching it," he later added, while holding off giving even a rough ETA for the update.

God of War: Ascension released in US Tuesday and hits UK stores tomorrow, March 15. In our God of War: Ascension review, we said, "Despite samey combat and a story low in scope, Ascension remains a visually stunning reminder of PS3's pulling power, its sprinkling of incredible set pieces and time-refined combat laid on top of a familiar - too familiar - blueprint."