The Phantom Pain studio to show 'something new' on Thursday

Moby Dick Studios set for GTTV interview

The studio responsible for The Phantom Pain - a title heavily rumoured to be Hideo Kojima helmed - will show 'something new' on Thursday.


Originally unveiled at VGA 2012, The Phantom Pain is attributed to the mysterious Moby Dick Studio, which has developed no prior titles. Apparently based in Stockholm, Sweden, rumours suggest its CEO Joakim Mogren is actually Hideo Kojima.

The truth is likely to be revealed Thursday however, with Geoff Keighley from GTTV confirming via Twitter that the site will run an interview with Mogren on Thursday night. Keighley confirmed that Moby Dick Studios "has something new to show me".

The Phantom Pain has been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3. No other details have been provided, aside from the reveal trailer.