God of War Ascension: 'substantial' multiplayer DLC planned

Will include new armour, weapons, stages "and much more"

SCE Santa Monica has "a substantial DLC plan" for God of War: Ascension.


Writing on the PS Blog, Ascension game director Todd Papy said: "We put a great deal of thought and effort into the multiplayer modes you'll discover in Ascension.

"Supporting this new addition to the God of War universe and the community we're hopeful builds around it for a while to come is of the utmost importance to us.

"To that end, we can today confirm a substantial DLC plan, among which will be new armour and weapons sets, new stages to battle in, and much more.

"All of this will be free for owners of the Ascension Collector's Edition, since it includes a comprehensive Season Pass (which will not be available outside of the CE).

"We'll have plenty more info in the coming weeks as we execute on our extensive schedule."

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