Battlefield 3 update released as End Game DLC comes to Xbox 360

Players "strongly" advised to download 1.92 GB patch

A new Battlefield 3 multiplayer update has been released for Xbox 360 to coincide with today's launch of the End Game DLC.


Weighing in at 1.92 GB, the update "contains improvements to the multiplayer portions of the game", according to its Xbox Live Marketplace listing, which adds: "We strongly advise you download it."

As suggested by OXM, if past DLC releases are anything to go by then the update will contain all of the End Game content, which hits 360 and PC Battlefield Premium subscribers today, having launched on PS3 last week.

Battlefield 3 End Game features four new maps and fresh vehicles, while introducing Air Superiority and Capture the Flag modes, among other features.

Check out the End Game launch trailer and screens.