God of War: Ascension trophy changed following outcry

'Bros Before Hos' to be discarded

God of War: Ascension studio Sony Santa Monica has confirmed it will amend the title of one of the game's trophies following criticism.


The trophy, which was originally named "Bros before Hos", was awarded when protagonist Kratos defeated one of the game's several female enemies.

In a statement provided to Joystiq, Sony Santa Monica has confirmed it will change the trophy title following online criticism.

"We have created and will soon push out a patch for God of War: Ascension that alters the title of one of the game Trophies. The text was offensive to some members of our community and impacted their enjoyment of the game," the statement read.

Once the patch is installed, the trophy will be renamed "Bros before Foes".

Sony Santa Monica design manager David Hewitt last year claimed that God of War: Ascension will "pull back" from violence against women.

In our review of Ascension we described the single-player component as "God of War on autopilot".