'There's still life in Kratos', say God of War: Ascension devs

"There are not many characters that are like him"

Developers from SCE Santa Monica have told us they believe there's still life in Kratos post God of War: Ascension.


The angry Spartan will celebrate his eight birthday this month, by which time he'll have starred in four home console games, two PSP titles and a mobile spin-off since making his debut in 2005's original God of War on PS2.

In a new interview covering Ascension's release and the future of the series, lead designer Mark Simon told us: "I think there's still life in Kratos. He's a fun character to design games around and I love playing him."

Lead combat designer Jason McDonald added: "Yeah, I think the fantasy of Kratos is always compelling. There's not many characters that are like him."

We said of the latest series entry in our God of War: Ascension review: "Book-ended by two incredible set-pieces, and perfectly solid in between, single-player Ascension is God of War on autopilot. Meanwhile, the new multiplayer delivers breadth, if not depth."

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