Comments of the Week: 'Motherfudgers act like they forgot about Dre'

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Talk about a fiasco... All this potential for a brilliant Bad Boys III shooter, taking the franchise where it truly belongs, wasted in an instant :roll: Seriously, though, I wonder how much money was wasted in that debacle. -Stan_Godspeed

We hadn't even considered a Bad Boys game. Now we can't stop thinking about what could have been. It's making us very, very sad.

"I'd Hayter it." - LordVonPS3

Round of applause for LordVonPS3

Dear PETA,

Go worry about things that are actually happening to animals in the real world today, rather than preaching about an act in a video game set in a time where such things weren't a concern to people. Keep your noses out of our medium, we're not all about to go and start hunting whales or thinking it's cool, idiots. - DannyB0yUK


"I hope the controls in this game are blunt, but not too soft..." - curryking3

Straight in there with the weed comment. Excellent work. Let's just cut to the chase and list all the best Snoop material:

"It will most probably be Dogg s**t" - - EvilWaterman

Wu tang. 50 cent. Now snoop dogg? Motherfudgers act like they forgot about Dre. - NEO_SUPERMAN

Good job folks, those comments were dope.