CVG LivePlay: Mario Kart tournament

4 players, 32 tracks, 1 winner...

Lunchtime Mario Kart has been a CVG tradition for years. Staff members have come and gone, but that midday window has continued to remain a time for green shells, sharp drifting and loud swearing.


Tonight it's time to open the doors on our little office competition and decide once and for all who is the ultimate CVG Mario Kart champion.

From 6pm GMT / 1pm ET we'll be kicking off a massive 32-race Mario Kart Wii tournament, taking in every track in random order. After all 32 races the true winner will be revealed, and you'll be able to watch the whole thing below or on our page (don't forget to follow us on there!).

Much like a Street Fighter game, each CVG competitor has their own reason for being in the tournament. Andy Robinson (playing as Luigi) reckons he's the reigning office champ, Tom Ivan (Mario) is a consistent player, Games Editor Chris Scullion (Yoshi) has worked on Nintendo publications for the past six and a half years and Tamoor Hussain (Diddy Kong) more or less knows he's going to be rubbish.

Join us from 6pm tonight, where we'll be playing until the tournament ends. The provided chat room will let you talk Mario Kart with us (and each other) while we play, and if you can't join us we'll replace the livestream with the recorded version after we're done.

UPDATE: The livestream has now ended, here's the recording of the full thing.

Watch live video from cvg_live on TwitchTV