The Walking Dead season 2 release date targeting 'autumn 2014'

UPDATE: Telltale's next season is aiming for 2013, "huge opportunity" with PS4 connectivity

Season Two of Telltale's highly-regarded video game rendition of The Walking Dead is still over a year off.

UPDATE: Telltale has clarified the statements made below, the studio is aiming to start The Walking Dead Season 2 in autumn 2013. Full story here.

"We're aiming for fall next year," studio co-founder and CEO Dan Connors has told Eurogamer.

Quizzed on whether the game will arrive on next-generation consoles -considering the PlayStation 4's confirmed 2013 arrival - Connors said, "Gee I don't know. I would think so, though, but it's all going to depend on timing I guess. But we don't have enough information from them [Sony] to announce it or anything."

Connors was, however, keen on Sony's new platform, saying that its deep integration of online connectivity offers "a huge opportunity" to the game.

"I love that they're going to invest in the connected experience," he said. "I think there's a lot of room for us to grow there and take advantage of that and create new experiences with the stats and the shared experiences. There's a huge opportunity there."

Telltale Games writer Gary Whitta recently revealed - seemingly prematurely - that there's more The Walking Dead to come from Telltale before the arrival of Season 2.

Connors addressed Whitta's revelation. "He's been sacked. We threw him into the zombie pit," he joked, before adding on a more serious note, "We'll probably have something to announce fairly soon about what we're going to do.

"It'll be different," he teased.