Tomb Raider PC: Nvidia working to resolve 'major issues' with GeForce GPUs

Fix in the works for disgruntled graphics card users

Graphics card maker Nvidia has issued an apology to GeForce GPU users who have encountered "major performance and stability issues" with Tomb Raider in maximum settings.


Company spokesperson Andrew Burnes placed the blame on Crystal Dynamics failing to provide a final build of the game with enough lead time ahead of its release, which introduced new issues that were not present in previously-provided builds.

"We are aware of major performance and stability issues with GeForce GPUs running Tomb Raider with maximum settings," said Burnes.

"Unfortunately, Nvidia didn't receive final code until this past weekend which substantially decreased stability, image quality and performance over a build we were previously provided. We are working closely with Crystal Dynamics to address and resolve all game issues as quickly as possible.

"In the meantime, we would like to apologize to GeForce users that are not able to have a great experience playing Tomb Raider, as they have come to expect with all of their favorite PC games," he added.

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