God of War: Ascension 'Trial of the Gods' mode revealed with trailer

New two-player co-op time trial mode uncovered

Sony has revealed a new multiplayer mode in God of War: Ascension called 'Trial of the Gods'.


As Sony explains, "In Trial of the Gods, the first two-player God of War co-op time trial mode, you and a friend will tag-team with your Champions to face five increasingly hard waves of mythological beasts, whilst surviving against the hourglass of Olympus.

"Over 15 types of enemies await you, including Satyrs, Cerberuses, Cyclopes, Gorgons, Juggernauts, and more deadly creatures. You will start with a set amount of time on the clock, and win time back with every beast you slay. Decimate a wave and you will be granted a Bonus Time Tiered Award (gold, silver, or bronze) based on how fast you cleared the wave. If you die or run out of time, you'll have to start over again. If you reach the end of the fifth round, an epic boss awaits."

The mode is also playable in solo mode.

The Trial of the Gods mode will be playable in three of the game's maps at launch (Desert of Lost Souls, Forum of Hercules, and Rotunda of Olympus), and Sony promises "more arenas planned for later".

Below is the first trailer of the new mode in action.

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In addition to today's reveal, Sony has also sent out new info and a trailer focused on Poseidon, brother of Zeus.

"Poseidon grants his loyal sentinels unique support capabilities: a large pool of health, the ability to fortify allies, and command over water and ice," says the developer. "Unleash freezing attacks to obliterate an enemy's defense and agility or boost your own team's elemental defense and health. The wise warrior knows how to control a large area of space and can keep multiple enemies at a distance."

Watch him do his thing below:

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The God of War: Ascension release date is set for March 12, 2013 in the US and March 15 in the UK.