PS4 4K movies: Sony ponders 'workaround' to 100GB downloads

Film service expected to launch on next PlayStation; Background downloading may remedy long waits

Sony is looking at creative solutions to remedy the long download times attached to 4K movies.

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The company has confirmed a 4K movie service will be available on the PS4, but told The Verge that the size of super-hi-def movies could be upwards of 100GB.

In January, Sony's chief executive Kaz Hirai said it would be "a journey" to adjust consumer expectations to long downloads in order to enjoy 4K movies.

However, Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux, told the Verge in late February that these were "challenges that we have to work through... we've got some very good ideas that will make that a comfortable consumer experience".

One standout feature of the PlayStation 4 is that it can download content in the background, or even while the system is switched to stand-by mode, which could be adopted as a possible solution to downloading large files.