Ask CVG Anything: Best soundtracks, does the PS4 design matter?

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What is your personal favourite game soundtrack? Mine is Final Fantasy X. I do like a few from other games, but FFX is my top one. - Queen Skillage

Chris - The Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack is probably my favourite just because of the sheer number of varied, brilliant tracks on there, but if that's cheating (because it's essentially a remix "compilation") then Super Mario Galaxy. Or Silent Hill: Shattered Memories or Jet Set Radio. Okay, I'll stop now.
Tamoor - I like the Final Fantasy X soundtrack too, Besaid Island and Otherworld are probably my two favourite tracks. While we're talking about Final Fantasy, I really love 'The Man with the Gun' from FF8. Other than that, Donkey Kong Country 2, anything by Yuzo Koshiro, the Persona 3 and 4 soundtracks get regular play on my iPod. Metal Gear Solid 3, Assassin's Creed 2, SoulCalibur, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 too. Most recently the Hotline Miami and DmC sountracks. I can't just pick one.
Andy R - Donkey Kong Country 2, by Rare music legend David Wise. Read my three page monster on why he's the business.
Rob - Amazing question! Well, Sega was the grand master of game music back in the day. Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2 and Rez are just fantastic, in fact I still play all three because I love listening to them. (Also, how could I forget, Super Mario World, and Half-Life 2 - both sound so amazing).

What game has consumed most of your time, this generation and in previous ones? - StonecoldMC

Tamoor - Definitely Counter-Strike. I started playing 1.5 in secondary school and played obsessively right up until the end of university. I still play, but I'm careful about how long these days.

Rob - Football Manager. I try to be a complete perfectionist with that game (I never reset my PC!) so it usually takes me about forty hours to complete a season (I know!). With FM13 I'm on about a hundred hours. I've been doing this for years, worryingly, and there's only two things still I haven't achived: Playing more than 49 matches without losing (PB: 33), and winning the World Cup without pressing reset (PB: Quarter Finals).

Chris - I hate to give a boring answer, but FIFA 11, 12 and 13 have by far taken up most of my time, particularly Ultimate Team mode. It's such a great idea to face off against a completely different team each time, rather than having to put up with everyone just picking Barcelona over and over again. Other than that, I spend a needlessly long time on Two Worlds (seriously) and NBA 2K11.

Andy R - I definitely remember clocking over 1000 hours on Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast), though perhaps I dreamed that. Also, the more veteran members of CVG have *definitely* put in excess of 500+ hours in Mario Kart Wii. Most of Tom Ivan's time was spent in the ditch on the side of Mario Circuit.

What's your favourite TV advert for a video game? - TheLastDodo

Rob - It's a no-contest. My favourite advert of all time, let alone for games: this.

Chris - It has to be that Sony "Double Life" one that I wrote about recently. It's more than an advert, it's every gamer's inner monologue written in the most fantastic way. I get chills watching it even 14 years later.

Tamoor - Goddddddddddo Handooooo

Andy R - It has to be the banned original Xbox advert, 'Life is Short'.

Chris - I also love the Japanese McDonalds Happy Meal one where all the Sony characters come out the TV and the little Japanese kids lose their shit.

Why are so many games companies focused on social/multiplayer games rather than making story-led single-player games? I don't want to see the end of fantastic single player games. - mus42

Andy R - Because online games keep consumers' interested for longer, and thus they spend more money on stuff like DLC and even better, don't trade their game in. With the huge risks involved with game development there's also a lot of success trailing going on, and CoD and FIFA online are the biggest console titles on the planet. As Crytek's Cevat Yerli said this week, I don't think single-player games will disappear, you're just going to see more social features integrated into them ala Dark Souls, Journey, ZombiU etc. That's a good thing, right?

Tamoor - Andy pretty much covered it. But I'd point out that there are still plenty of story-driven games. They don't make as much noise over an extended period and aren't in your face around-the-clock like social/multiplayer games, but they're there.

Chris - I wouldn't worry about it, single-player gaming will never end. Yes, online multiplayer and social games are popular these days (and there's nothing wrong with that in my eyes) but there'll always be a market for single-player experiences. What you'll probably see more of in the future is games that are largely single-player, but also have optional multiplayer modes (like in Assassin's Creed III and Tomb Raider). I personally don't want what the Crytek guy was going on about though, with more online-enhanced single-player modes. Journey was all well and good but there are a lot of idiots out there and I don't want them messing with my single-player experiences. That's why they're called "single player" games. I just don't like people, basically.

Rob - Some smart douchbag figured out that when you complete those amazing story-led games you tend to not go back and play them and instead (shock horror) buy other games. However, add in some amazing multiplayer and the customer will hopefully keep playing it for about six months and endlessly praise the game on forums, Twitter etc. So yeah, it's all business, and it's why there's so many rubbish multiplayer modes added to games; developers are often told to add them, rather than inspired to.

After Sony's press conference are you more or less excited for the next gen consoles (Wii U not included because it doesn't count)? - DAEDALUS79

Andy R - More excited, because Sony ticked nearly every single box; big specs, more open development, excellent social platform. Now we just need some games.

Rob - Well I get the distinct impression that both Sony and Microsoft will try and make their systems as similar to Steam-powered PCs as possible, so I really couldn't be more excited about the future.

Chris - Wii U definitely does count. It may not have "next gen" graphics but the Miiverse and the possibilities offered by the GamePad certainly mean next gen experiences are possible. Graphical power isn't everything, mind! Anyway, I wouldn't say I'm hugely excited for the next gen yet but that's just because it's early days. Nothing shown at the PS4 conference thrilled me too much, but that's because I'm not a huge fan of Killzone or car porn. Once I start seeing the games that do appeal to me I'll start getting properly pumped for it. I love the idea of the social side of things, mind you.

Tamoor - More excited. How can anyone that claims to love games NOT be excited about the next-generation of consoles? I'm pumped. I liked a lot of what Sony showed off and am very excited to see Microsoft's response. Maybe I'm just drinking the Sony Kool-Aid right now, but it does seem like Sony got a lot right there. It looks like a lot of the control has been taken away from Sony Japan and given to SCEA and SCEE, and the benefit of that is immediately apparent in the PS4's architecture. Can't wait to see the impact this has going forward. Exciting times for sure.

Considering JRPG's have pretty much gone to Hell (minus the obvious ones), where do you stand on wanting a Lost Odyssey 2? Considering it was first party, many people missed out on it, and it's easily up there with any FF title in my opinion. - Mat Ombler
Chris - Why not? Lost Odyssey has a small but strong cult following and it's easy to understand why - it's a fantastic RPG. I'd be very surprised if they did do another one though, unless it was released alongside a PS3 or Wii U port of the first game. The 360 original did very poorly in Japan, and it'll be difficult to get people to buy a sequel until they play the first game.
Tamoor - I want it; I think Lost Odyssey was superb. It was the released as part of an exclusivity deal with Microsoft though, which could be a problem. Microsoft will have to want another one, and Mistwalker will have to want to go back. I wouldn't bet on a sequel, which is a shame.

Whose idea was it to keep abbreviating "Computer & Video Games"? And why? It used to be Computer & Video Games, then became C&VG (my personal fave), then C+VG, then CVG. CG next? - Simon_H4
Andy R - As you point out there are countless examples of the abbreviation changing throughout the mag's lifespan - I have mags from the 80s on my desk that use both C&VG and CVG. With 32 years of editorial staff it's difficult to track down the exact reason it was changed. However, the likely answer to your question is: 'It's easier to say CVG than C&VG'.
Chris - I don't know whose idea it was either, but I do know I won't rest until the site's name can only be pronounced by uttering a short, sharp outward breath.
Julian "Jaz" Rignall, former CVG Editor - It was C&VG from the very beginning. I made CVG the editorial standard in the late 80s: sounded cooler. Plus I thought the '&' looked wank.
Chris - Holy shit, it's Jazza. He's genuinely my hero. I'm all shy now.
Tamoor - Woah! Be cool Chris. BE COOL DAMMIT!

Does the PS4 final design matter? - Bambis Dad
Andy R - Not unless you're a lifestyle mag/newspaper and really needed a picture of the box to fill your pages.

Chris - No. As long as it's relatively box-shaped and can fit into a display cabinet easily enough, and isn't something ridiculous like a decapitated torso wearing a bikini, then I don't care what it looks like.

Tamoor - I'm going to disagree with Andy and Chris and say it absolutely matters. I want to know what I'll have under my TV for the next ten odd years, and I hope that it looks good. That said, it didn't bother me at all that Sony didn't show the PS4 during the reveal event. It's got to keep some surprises for E3, right?

Rob - Sexy things are sexy.

If Elton John made a game, what genre do you think it would be? - richomack360
Chris - That's an... interesting question. It'd be a fighting game, but it'd have restrictive DRM that only lets you play the game on Saturday nights. And if you get that joke, fair play to you.
Tamoor - Side-scrolling runner. Kind of like Robot Unicorn Attack, but with him in it, and his music constantly looping. I don't know, I never knew who Elton John was until he was singing about a princess dying.
Rob - Rocket Man RPG.

What, CVG, is your best ever game story? - budge
Tamoor - I assume you mean my favourite story told in a game. I can't decide between Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Shadow of the Colossus and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.
Chris - Assuming you mean our best stories relating to gaming, I once got a phone call at 2am from a drunken Charles Martinet who swore at me in a mock Scottish accent. I'd love to say that's a joke but it isn't.
Andy R - Someone here in the office had a roommate at University who turned up for his Football Manager FA Cup final in a suit - complete with boutonnière flower.
Chris - That reminds me of my old uni flatmate who once watched an entire Scottish Second Division match in Football Manager - the whole match, not just the highlights, just the dots moving around. I asked him why and he eagerly replied: "I just love watching my back four knocking it about."
RobWhen I got the exclusive that Team Fortress 2 was going Free To Play. The internet went crazy up in my grill, said I was proper bullshitting them. Hah! Oh, wait, did you mean like a story in a game?

What does CVG think the future of the relationship between big publishers and big developers will be? Are all the big developers eventually going to lose all control and just become divisions of publishers? Are indie and crowd-funded games going to be the only place to get anything creative in future? - Spaceman_DOUG

Tamoor - I think...y'know what? I bet Rob will be articulate an answer on this much better than me and totally nail it too. Take it away Crossley...

Rob - Painfully difficult questions, these. Well, in terms of competition, things will still be super heated between the third parties, but pretty similar to what you see today. The only difference is that they'll be competing across a larger number of channels. Major blockbuster games will try to unify devices (see Destiny) and so there will essentially be bigger brawls.

Also; this generation that we're leaving was the one where developers genuinely found a voice, and also found major platforms where they could go it alone. Publishers will control less.

And blimey no! It'd be a big mistake to assume there's no creativity at the major studios. There is nothing significant to suggest that indies are any more or less creative than major studios.

Tamoor - What he said!