EA CFO: Next-gen prices not yet decided

Blake Jorgensen says prices typically come down during a generation

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen says next-generation game prices are yet to be decided.


"Typically at the start of a cycle you've seen the pricing raised to, say, $69 for a core piece of software," he said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference today, reports Polygon.

"And then over the life of those it's drifted down to an introduction price of around $59. We haven't yet set pricing on our gen-fours but you'll probably see a similar trend to that during the start of the next cycle," he added (EA refers to the next generation of consoles as 'generation four').

This comes after SCEA CEO Jack Tretton indicated that PlayStation 4 retail games will cost $60 - in line with current-gen prices.

Jorgensen also spoke about Battlefield 4 running on next-gen platforms.

"I'd say between now and E3 you're going to see a lot of stuff from us. We're very excited about Sony's platform. The technical power on the platform is going to allow us to do a substantial amount of things we've never done before.

"I've seen the new Battlefield and it is stunning. It is just amazing what the imagination of the game developers are allowed to do with that much power," he said.