Sony exec: PS4 'will have the strongest launch line-up we've ever had'

Worldwide Studios VP excited by "strength in depth" of PS4 games roster

PlayStation 4 will boast the strongest launch line-up of any Sony console, the company's VP of Worldwide Studios, Michael Denny has said.

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Speaking to CVG following last week's PS4 unveiling, the exec expressed excitement over the "strength in depth" of the software roster set to accompany the PS4's holiday 2013 launch window.

So far the developers of Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club and Ubisoft's Watch Dogs have expressed launch ambitions for their titles, while colourful platformer Knack is also a possibility.

Denny said of the launch line-up: "With PlayStation 4 what's exciting is we can see the strength in depth of titles come through - not just in first party but third party, and I really believe PlayStation 4 will have the strongest launch line-up we've ever had."

As well as the core genres represented by Killzone and Drive Club, Denny assured that the PlayStation firm is committed to taking creative risks on PS4.

"I think there are big genres that we want to cover but we want to innovate within them and move them on," he explained.

"What we wanted to do last night as well by giving a glimpse of games that aren't in production - Media Molecule's insight into their concepting process and prototype they came up with - is that we will take risks and do things that are surprising, a bit different and that will hopefully excite our fans."

The exec added that there is "absolutely" more to be unveiled for the PS4 launch window.

"This was the first announcement, it was an early announcement, and as I said this was really to set the agenda and to get it clear to everybody what those design pillars were for PlayStation 4, what the ethos is behind PS4, who it's aimed at and getting the game development community on board," he said.

Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 at a New York press conference last week. The PS4 release date is set for "holiday 2013", likely across Japan, Europe and the US.

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