Epic Games art director says clones have hurt Gears of War

Copycats have damaged the franchise

Epic Games art director Chris Perna has said that Gears of War clones have created negative stereotypes for the franchise.


In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK, Chris Perna says that ever since the market has been "flooded by Gears clones," the Gears of War franchise has suffered.

Perna believes the stereotype associated with Gears games has come from "copycats" who borrow the look and feel of the game. "When Gears came out it was fresh, it was dark. That's what it's meant to be, right? No apologies there. It was a brutal game - it was meant to be. Then everyone copied us, and copied our look...which hurts the original."

With every installment there has been an evolution of "colour palette, and the engine and the lighting and the technology," and according to Perna, Gears of War: Judgement will take that evolution "even further."

"We've evolved the colour palette even more, to make a lot more colour yet still keep a more sombre tone," Perna said. "We've done things with post-processing to really enhance the visuals and our cinematics, too."

Gears of War: Judgement hits the shelves on March 19.