Vita apps Friend Network and Imaginstruments hit US in Spring

Japanese social app and EU-release music maker confirmed for North America

SCEA will release two new apps for Vita owners in North America in Spring.


Friend Network, already released in Japan, is a social networking app which lets you interact with your network of PS friends with avatars in the virtual world of Sony mascot Toro the cat.

"With the ultimate goal of reaching 100 friends within Friend Network, lobbies are available where players can meet new friends and exchange virtual "business cards." These cards contain information that players can use to get to know others within Friend Network," explains Sony.

The app also features Facebook and Twitter integration, which lets you see which friends are also participating in Friend Network and add them immediately.

The second app, Imaginstruments, is out in Europe and hits the NA PS Store in Spring. It's a music-making app which lets you create and manipulate a range of sounds and instruments.

"Players can create whole songs from scratch and save them to on PS Vita memory cards. Using three distinct song creation tools, players can compose a virtually endless amount of unique music. Players can edit drum tracks in the "Passive" mode to create complex rhythms for their tracks, then switch over to "Active" mode to create melodies using instruments like the guitar or violin," says Sony.

Sony has cut the PS Vita price in Japan in a bid to boost sales, but has indicated that there are no such plans for North America and Europe.