Microsoft insists 'no involvement' in Xbox 720 leaker raid

However, alleged warrant suggests otherwise

Microsoft has issued a statement saying it had no involvement in the recent raid on SuperDaE, the person believed to be in possession of a dev kit for Microsoft's next console and responsible for leaking details on it.


Last week it was reported SuperDaE had been raided by FBI and Australian police. According to Microsoft, it is not responsible for the investigation.

"Microsoft did not initiate this FBI investigation with this individual, as has been asserted in some of the articles in the media," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

"We take security very seriously and have no evidence of any compromise of our corporate network. We have no further comment on this matter."

SuperDaE was connected to an eBay auctioning of an alleged next-gen Xbox development kit on. The seller on a second Durango PC dev kit was listed "superdae", and at AU $50,000.

Although Microsoft has denied involvement in the raid, the warrant - posted by TheTechGame - mentions the tech company by name.