PS4 games to cost '$0.99-$60' - Tretton

No price hike anticipated for next-gen titles

PlayStation 4 retail games won't leap up in price compared to the current generation's typical $60 titles, according to SCEA CEO Jack Tretton.

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Speaking with CNBC, Tretton said games on the next-generation console - ranging small downloads to full-price retail titles - will cost anything between $0.99 and $60.

"I think people are willing to play if they see the value there," he said in response to questioning over the rise of cheap gaming via smartphones and tablets.

"I think there's more choice than ever for consumers. We're going to welcome free-to-play models," he said, adding that paid games will range "from $0.99 up to those $60 games."

Tretton called low-cost smartphone and tablet games "additive experiences", brushing off the notion that consoles are being rendered irrelevant. "If you really see where the heat is for the true gamer, it's on the console. It's still that big-form experience," he said.

Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 at a New York press conference on Wednesday.

The PS4 release date is set for "holiday 2013", likely across Japan, Europe and the US.