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Do you think timed exclusive DLC is good? - anime manga fan

Chris - As long as it's a timed exclusive and not an outright exclusive then I can't be too annoyed at it, it's just business. What annoys me more is pre-order DLC, especially if there's no other way to get it in the future. Take FIFA 13 for example - you could only unlock the Adidas All-Star team if you pre-ordered it from GAME. I didn't, I pre-ordered it from HMV. EA still got my day one sale.

Tamoor - I'm with Chris on this one. Timed DLC I don't have a problem with, but different pre-order content for different retailers is incredibly annoying. I imagine this will continue to happen for a while yet, but expect publishers will be quicker about rounding it all up and making it available to download post-release.

Rob - It goes back to that old protectionist way of thinking; it's something that a platform holder has pay for to protect its business, and a publisher has agreed to because it thinks the financial reward is good enough. It's not a decision made for gamers or game creators. The people who broker these deals might think they're being incredibly smart, but this kind of short-term opportunism never works in the long run. A better deal for the customer always wins in the long-term, so I tend to think of timed-exclusivity as a minor annoyance that will eventually slip away

Will we ever see a one console future? - richomack360

Chris - I hope not. Without competition the bar won't continue to be raised - why would Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo research and release a next-gen console when there's no alternative? The only reason next-gen consoles are released is because the big three are trying to outdo each other, pushing the limits as they do. A one-console future would be like the WWE when it bought WCW - there'd be some interesting inter-promotion match-ups first (Mario on Xbox etc) then it would just get rubbish.

Tamoor - NEIN! I hope not anyway. The competition is good, it keeps platform holders on their toes and as a result the games industry is a much more exciting place.

Rob - Well we just had a console cycle where three home systems and two handhelds each sold more than 50 million units - in some cases much more than 50 million. So I would say the way the market is right now means that there is a huge amount of space for competitors. I don't think we'll ever see a one-console future, and that's great - a one-console future would slow down creativity and lead to worse deals for the customer.

What films would you like to see as games? Not the rush job cash grabs that we only seem to get now, something more like The Warriors or Riddick. Obviously a Goonies game would be brilliant wouldn't it? - El Mag

Chris - Well, there's already been two Goonies games (on the NES) and yes, they were brilliant. A current-gen one would indeed be great though, if it was in the style of Uncharted. Personally I'd love a Nightmare On Elm Street survival horror game. Since Freddy only appears in dreams it could make for some really interesting gameplay mechanics. Plus there could be a two-player battle mode where one player's Freddy and the other's... well, a generic teenager. It needs to be '80s Robert Englund Freddy though, not that other idiot.

Tamoor - ET. Oh wait no, NO.

Eidos Montreal presents Blade Runner
Kojima Productions presents Escape From New York
United Front Games presents Rush Hour
Rockstar presents Beverly Hills Cop
EA Sports BIG presents Shaolin Soccer
Platinum Games presents Kung-Fu Hustle

Does anyone watch the TV show Supernatural? I'd like Remedy Entertainment to make a game based on that.

What game has caused you so much rage that you lost a good controller playing it? - gmcb007

Chris - I can safely say in my 26 years of gaming I've never so much as hit a controller off anything with rage, let alone thrown or broken one. I'm not an amazing gamer or anything, I just never get that worked up. I get genuinely confused when people do it, but I do understand it's a "thing". Mega Man 2 used to properly piss me off but not to that extent.

Tamoor - Getting 0.0.0 seconds in the Chocobo race from Final Fantasy 10 is the only game to push me to breaking. Almost lost it, almost.

Will we see a new "crash" where games become too expensive /complex that it will turn a lot of devs off creating them and consumers off from purchasing them? Is it already happening? - richomack360

Rob - There's not much to worry about, really. That "videogame crash" of the early eighties wasn't so much a video game crash as it was Atari failing. It was a number of foolish and short-term decisions made by one company, and not really indicative of people being turned off by games.

Dev investment in games is still climbing to crazy levels, yes, but then again the amount of money made from games overall is still growing too. And with games spreading across devices, there's a lot of opportunities for developers of all shapes and sizes. I know the last couple of years have hardly been inspiring, but games are too important to too many people for the whole business to dry up of money.

The slow death of split screen multiplayer in games, one of the generations most disappointing changes? - El Mag

Rob - I can relate!

Tamoor - I only ever think about this when I'm playing a game a game that has particularly good local multiplayer. Most recently it as during Tokyo Jungle

Do you think we'll ever see another road rash? - silent moose

Rob - Man, I loved Road Rash. It was really, really amazing. Anyway, I've asked EA for you.

Tamoor - Now that Rob's on the case the odds just got much better

Do you think silent hill will ever be great again? - silent moose
Tamoor - Didn't we have this question last week? Oh well. I hope so, it's really a shame that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories doesn't get the love it deserves. Konami should give Climax another crack at it.

Will SEGA ever make another good 2D Sonic platformer? Is the future of Sonic in 3D platforming? - Herbert_Rarr

Andy R - Sega has set its stall out with Generations' dual 2D/3D formula - that's the type of Sonic game I expect we'll be seeing frequently from now on.

Tamoor - As much as I adore Nintendo, I was always a Sega kid. I defended Sonic in many a playground argument. These days a good Sonic game is a pleasant treat, the rest of the time I'm ambivalent. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. I'm not fussed.

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