Zelda: Oracle Of Ages / Seasons coming to 3DS Virtual Console

Nintendo confirms both titles are coming to the Japanese eShop, western release TBC

Nintendo has confirmed that The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages and Oracle Of Seasons will be coming to the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan, making a future western release very likely.

Both games were released on the same day for the Game Boy Color and are unique in that they weren't developed by Nintendo, but by Capcom.


This has led to confusion among Nintendo fans, some of whom were under the impression that since the Oracle games had never been confirmed for the 3DS Virtual Console there was a possibility that there was some licensing reason preventing it from happening.

Now that both games have been confirmed it's clear this is not the case, and due to the popularity of Zelda it now seems all but certain that the Oracle games will be released on the US and European 3DS eShop too in the future.

Once both games are released, every main Zelda game in the series' history will be playable on current-gen hardware.