Your view: Rate Sony's PS4 press conference

How did the PlayStation group do? You decide

Opinions are like armpits: everyone's got a couple and they often stink. Not yours, though - yours are valued. Your opinions, we mean. So leave all the social networkers and other sites' forumites to quabble amongst themselves about last night's PlayStation 4 conference - the real, definitive verdict is in your hands.

We want you to rate each aspect of Sony's conference out of ten - the hardware, the networking capabilities, the presentation, the games, all of it. As more ratings are added, a more accurate consensus on Sony's performance will be reached. The power is yours.

Let's get started!

The tech specs

The PlayStation 4 is packing an eight-core x86-64 AMD 'Jaguar' processor, an AMD Radeon-based graphics engine offering 1.84 TFLOPS and ... wait for it... EIGHT GIGs of GDDR5 memory!!! In short, it's powerful. But Sony claims its engine was built with developers in mind, and though it didn't openly admit it, we have the feeling it's a response to the criticism the PS3 originally had, with many developers claiming it was a nightmare making games for it. Is this the sort of power you were hoping for though? How do you rate Sony's new hardware?

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    1: The third-party games

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    2: The DualShock 4 controller

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    3: The first-party games

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    4: Network features

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    5: The tech specs

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