CVG LivePlay: It's a PlayStation party

Join us in our four-hour livestream of PlayStation classics

The PlayStation 4 reveal is only a matter of hours away, and to celebrate we're hosting the first ever CVG LivePlay.


From 6pm until 10pm myself (Chris Scullion) and Tamoor Hussain will be playing a selection of our favourite classic PlayStation titles, from well-known favourites like Crash Bandicoot, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 2 and WipEout to more obscure gems like Bishi Bashi Special.

This is the first in what we plan to make a regular series of livestreams, in which Tamoor and I will be playing a mixture of the latest game releases and retro classics, while interacting with our readers at the same time.

Here's how to take part - the livestream should be located both directly below this text and on our page (this is where you can also find the archived livestream video once it's done, in case you missed it as it happened).

Underneath the video you'll see a live chat feature where we'll be reading and replying to your comments as we play - to post a comment you'll either need to create a account or just log on with your Facebook account instead.

That's about it, really. See you at 6pm!

EDIT: This livestream has now finished. Here's the recorded version:

Watch live video from cvg_live on TwitchTV