Retro Vault: PlayStation ads, Pilotwings 64, Mickey Mania

Plus: concept sketches for Shadow Of The Colossus

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1999: Sony's "Double Life" commercial

We've already discussed Sony's various advertising campaigns in this week's Retro Vault, but it's the company's stunning Double Life ad that is CVG's favourite by a country mile.

The ad shows various different people of all shapes, sizes, ages, colours, genders and creeds, all united by the fact they share a second life in which they're a hero, someone who has accomplished something and, in the words of the adorable little wide-eyed hoodie kid, "conquered worlds".

The ad ends with the stunning line: "Though in achieving these things I have set morality aside I have no regrets, for though I have led a double life, at least I can say I've lived." It continues to send chills up our spine to this day.

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