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2004: Shadow Of The Colossus concept art

After the huge critical success of Ico, its development team got to work on a similarly breathtaking sequel. Whereas Ico was something of a minimalist title in which the subtlety of the character animations and designs evoked emotion better than words ever could, Shadow Of The Colossus went for scale instead.

The player was tasked with trekking through vast landscapes in search of colossi, giant creatures that have to be defeated by climbing their massive bodies and delivering fatal blows. Each colossus has to be scaled in a different way, essentially each becoming unique platforming stages in their own right.

Much like Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus was roundly praised as an outstanding title and one of the finest to ever appear on the PlayStation 2. More than seven years later, the gaming public continues to anticipate its next title, the enigmatic The Last Guardian.

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