F-Zero arrives on Wii U Virtual Console at 60Hz

Nintendo ditches the European version in favour of the 60HZ US version

Nintendo is releasing F-Zero on the European Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow for the limited time price of 30p / 30c, and it's the US 60Hz version.

Last month Nintendo kicked off its 30th Anniversary celebrations by offering the NES classic Balloon Fight at a 30p price point for a limited time, but European gamers were disappointed to find they were given the slower 50Hz European version of the game instead of the US and Japan 60Hz version running at the "proper" speed.


Disgruntled Wii U owners took to the Balloon Fight Miiverse and filled it with messages criticising Nintendo's decision to release the 50hz version. A petition calling for the platform holder to release future Wii U Virtual Console games in Europe and Australia in 60Hz was also started.

Nintendo has apparently listened to this criticism, as the version of F-Zero available to European players tomorrow is the US version running at 60Hz. It is unclear whether Nintendo has committed to 60hz releases long-term, or whether it is on a case-by-case basis.

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