Far Cry 3 updates to bring Master difficulty, 'reset outpost' option

Campaign and multiplayer changes promised in "upcoming patches"

Far Cry 3 players will soon be able to crank up the difficulty and respawn hostile outposts thanks to "upcoming patches".


Without announcing any firm dates, Ubisoft has detailed new features planned for the game including a new Master difficulty, which will be unlocked after a player finishes the campaign on Adventurer, Survivor or Warrior settings.

A new 'Reset Outposts' option is also planned, which will let players who've completed the main story missions to revert all outposts back to their original hostile state.

On the multiplayer side, a "more intuitive feedback interface" and a new feedback tags feature will be added.

Map makers will be able to test their creations before publishing them for the general public with a new Beta Test Mode, and a new 'Find Other Maps by the Same Author' option is on the way.

Check out more details on promised updates over on the official forum.