Bungie's Destiny 'requires internet connection' - New details

'Shared World Shooter' set for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Bungie's next shooter, Destiny, will require an internet connection in order to play, the studio confirmed at a press event attended by CVG.


The so-called 'Shared World Shooter' will require a permanent online connection in order to power its persistent, emerging world, the studio said.

Destiny has been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but despite Bungie's commitment to the new franchise for "the next 10 years", the studio wouldn't confirm a release on next-gen platforms or PC.

In Destiny, players take the role of a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth. Fighting mysterious alien foes both on Earth and beyond, players' key goals will be to reclaim mankind's lost territory and to become a walking legend in its universe.

Combat, it seems, will be both FPS and vehicle based. Players will be able to customize their avatar's and vehicle's appearances and characters will be class-based.

One class - a large, brutish tank-like soldier - was referred to as a 'Titan', while another - with the ability to wield Traveller tech - was tagged as a 'Warlock'. A third Guardian class was described as a 'Hunter'.

Destiny will also feature mini-quests, loot drops and drop in/drop out co-op play, our debut Destiny preview reveals.

Analysts have predicted that Destiny's release date will fall in 2013, despite Activision refusing to commit in a recent financial meeting to a ship date this year.