PlayStation Meeting site updates with 'Evolution' video

Sony details making of PSOne in preparation for NYC event

Sony has updated its PlayStation Meeting website with a 'PlayStation Evolution' video detailing the creation of PSOne.

Sony is expected to unveil PlayStation 4 at the New York City event next week, and the hardware video series further hints at the platform holder's intentions.

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Codename 'Orbis' has been the subject of an increasing number of high profile 'leaks' in recent weeks, including more than one alleged system specifications dossier.

According to a recent report, PS4 will support "multi-user simultaneous logins", allowing multiple users to be signed into accounts simultaneously on a single console.

Other mooted features include a rebranded PlayStation Home-style social network and a prevention measure against pre-owned games.

Earlier today a second leaked PS4 controller image appeared online, following a CVG report with new details from development sources.

The new PlayStation controller will feature a PS Vita-like touch pad - which CVG understands can be 'clicked' - and redesigned anolog sticks with concave indents. The controller will also include an illuminated panel which behaves like a Move controller.

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