Destiny release date: Retailer lists October 6

French retailer posts unconfirmed October 6 release date, plot and gameplay details

Halo maker Bungie's new game, Destiny, will be out on October 6, according to a French retailer.


As numerous reports have pointed out, a listing on Micromania's website has Destiny up for an unconfirmed October 6 release accompanied by potential box art.

The listing also contains plot and gameplay details. Detailing the game's story, the site says (via Google Translate):

"Everything changed with the arrival of Voyageur. It was originally a Golden Age that allowed our civilization to establish itself in the solar system. But it could not last. Something we put ashore and broke. The survivors built a city in the Voyageur before returning explore our ancient worlds where only mortal enemies awaited them. You are a Guardian, protector of last haven of life on Earth, armed with incredible powers. You must defend the city. Defeat our enemies. And look [for] what we have lost."

It goes on to describe a "totally new" and "permanently connected" world. "Create your own character and forge your legend by defeating powerful enemies and gaining weapons, equipment and vehicles, all unique and customizable," it adds.

It also describes a shooter that "breaks conventions" of campaigns with solo play along with competitive and co-operative modes combining with social elements.

This is a near match to gameplay information that was allegedly passed to retailers this week, and leaked with pictures of promotional materials earlier today.

Bungie is yet to confirm any form of release date for Destiny. It's not uncommon for retailers to use placeholder dates for upcoming games until a firm announcement is made - sometimes based on inside information, other times simply on rough estimates.

Bungie has confirmed plans to reveal Destiny on February 17 - this coming Sunday.