Comments of the Week: 'I just want another Gunstar Heroes sequel'

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


"Great, time to make a checklist on things that will appear on this thread:

> "3DS has sold 2 million units"
> "its only been out two months"
> "Xbox360 / PS3 did around the same sales as the WiiU around launch"
> "WiiU is pants"
> "Nintendo will fall apart by 2016"
> "your mother"
> "digital sales do not count"
> "fanboy"
> "oh no, not another negative Nintendo story" - richomack360

Frighteningly accurate

"It was snowing heavy in places last month though, so most would have just huddled around the fire drinking hot chocolate instead of buying things. And Celebrity Big Brother was on so there was half the country's money spent with voting on that. That's about all I can manage with a positive Wii U spin, somebody else try." - El Mag

You're doing a better job than Nintendo.

"I do hate how CVG (and most websites for that matter) spin the headline into yet another negative one for Nintendo. I mean it's not like the much, much, much larger install base and consequent larger amount of games for the 360/PS3 have anything to do with it do they? If they did CVG in their non-bias state would've noted this wouldn't they?" - EighteenSky

Yay, haven't had one of these in a while, was starting to miss it really. Anyway, no one wants Nintendo to succeed more than we do, we love the company, our desks are littered with Nintendo games, toys and peripherals we've all collected up.

"Wasn't their big selling point "authenticity"? - HelloLadies

In the words of our beloved editor Andy, "there's no such thing as authenticity in a game where you can hide behind a bin to recover from bullet wounds"

"Holy heart failure, Batman! This news couldn't have come at a better time for me. I have literally just last night 100% Arkham City. One of my best gaming experiences this gen I s**t you not. Superb game! So much love & care put into every square foot of Arkham. Which makes these mutterings of different writers and developers for the next game all the more concerning. I pray, if there is to be an Arkham 3 this year, that Rocksteady are involved at least on some level. Sefton and his crew know their stuff. Big boots to fill indeed. :/"

Batman love is a beautiful thing. I'm really hoping Rocksteady are involved, I can't think of another developer that could do a third game justice.

"I just want another Gunstar Heroes sequel. I missed out on GSH, so a re-release of that would be good too." - Balladeer

Kickstarter pitch: Gunstar Heroes has a boss that turns into a giant handgun and another made out of Curry and Rice. We want to make Gunstar Heroes 2. Sit back and watch the money roll in.

"It's being outsourced to gearbox" - phate666