Rome 2 Total War: Suebi playable faction revealed - screen

Joins Rome, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni and Arverni

Sega has announced the Suebi as the sixth of eight playable factions in Rome 2: Total War.

Joining the Roman, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni and Arverni factions previously revealed, Suebi is profiled on the Total War Wiki. Here's an excerpt:

The Suebi are an indomitable Germanic culture dwelling to the north east of Gaul. Not a single people, but rather numerous tribes sharing a common language and similar religious beliefs, they frequently raid their Gallic neighbours across the Rhine.


The Rome 2: Total War release date has reportedly been set for October 2013, although Sega's officially announced launch window for the game is simply late next year.

CVG visited Creative Assembly last June for an exclusive first look at the sequel. You can read every detail in our Rome 2: Total War preview and our Rome 2: Total War interview with lead designer James Russell.